AB 1764 – Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program


Bill is now dead for this year.

UPDATE MAY 20, 2019

We are disappointed to report that AB 1764 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee yesterday. While a setback, we remain firm in our commitment to bring justice to individuals who were involuntarily sterilized at the hands of the state. Reparations are a vital first step towards that goal, and we will continue to fight until the state materially acknowledges their actions.

SB 1190 The Sterilization Compensation Bill will provide victim compensation to survivors of California state-sponsored sterilization between 1909 and 1979. The bill, which is co-sponsored by California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) and the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF), would make California the third state in the nation to provide compensation for survivors who were sterilized under state eugenics laws.

Eugenic sterilization programs are now considered a major human rights abuse. California officials apologized for this historical wrong in 2003. California’s history of sterilization malfeasance includes the non-consensual tubal ligations of Mexican-origin women at USC/LA County Hospital in the 1960s-1970s, and 150 unauthorized operations performed on female inmates in state prisons from 2006-2010.

This bill would help compensate verified survivors of California’s eugenic sterilization program, establish markers at designated sites that acknowledge the compulsory sterilization of thousands of people in the state, and develop a traveling historical exhibit and other educational opportunities about eugenics laws and the far-reaching impact they had on California residents.