End Rape Statutes of Limitation (ERSOL)

Statues of Limitations on Rape



#EndRapeSOL is a grassroots campaign to end the California statute of limitations (SOL) on rape/sexual assault. California currently places a 10-year SOL on rape/sexual assault, after which time survivors are not able to report this crime. It can take survivors years to report sexual violence due to fear, stigma, and victim blaming. Time limits on prosecuting rape are a rapist’s best friend and a survivor’s worst nightmare.

Last year, the campaign successfully ended statutes of limitations for rape and sexual assault crimes in the state of California, culminating in the adoption of Senate Bill 813 (Sen. Connie Leyva).

But, the fight’s not over!

The ERSOL campaign is now targeting states that continue to keep active statutes of limitation for rape and sexual assault crimes.  Of these states, four of them – Maine, Connecticut, Minnesota and Illinois – are “ripe” for following in California’s footsteps and introducing new legislation that would eliminate the statutes of limitation. The first step is to reach out to Congresswomen in these states in the hopes they will be willing to author or support ERSOL legislation.

We are now signing a new letter that will urge members of Congress from the states of Maine, Connecticut, Minnesota and Illinois to become leaders in the ERSOL movement.  This letter will be released on June 30, 2017.

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