CA Values Act – SB54

SB 54

The CA Values Act


The California Values Act recognizes the humanity of all people, protects our communities from harmful mass deportations, and ensures the safety of all.This bill introduced by Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) prevents the use of state and local resources for federal immigration enforcement actions that will separate families and hurt the state’s economy. SB 54 ensures that no state or local resources are diverted to fuel any attempt by the federal government to carry out mass deportations and that our schools, our hospitals, and our courthouses are safe spaces for everyone in our community.

Assembly will hold the first hearing for SB 54 CA Values Act, which would keep families together by preventing most state resources from being used to aid Trump’s hateful anti-immigrant agenda. Because it’s crucial we pass the strongest version possible, we need as many calls to assemblymembers as possible urging they support it with no amendments: assemblymembers

Your calls are especially important if you live in the districts of these target representatives:

Sample Script:

“Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling to ask Assemblymember ________ to support a strong SB 54, the California Values Act. SB 54 will protect the safety and well-being of all Californians by limiting state and local resources from fueling mass deportations, separating families, or terrorizing our communities. California must stand with immigrants, not with the California Sheriff’s shameful collusion with Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. I ask Assemblymember ____ to support SB 54.

En español:

“Hola, mi nombre es ______ y estoy llamando para pedirle a el/la Asambleísta _______ que apoye la Acta de Valores de California, SB 54. La SB 54 protegerá el bienestar de todos los Californianos y Californianas al limitar recursos estatales y locales para que no sean usados a fomentar más deportaciones, separar a familias, y aterrorizar a nuestras comunidades. California debe estar del lado de los y las inmigrantes, no del lado de los alguaciles quienes son cómplices de la agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump. Le pido a el/la Asambleísta _____ que apoye la SB 54.

It’s also important to call on Governor Brown to support the CA Values Act.

Call: 916-445-2841

Sample script: My name is ________, and I am calling to ask Governor Brown to support the CA Values Act, SB 54, so that California can continue to lead the way in protecting our immigrant communities. Will the Governor support the CA Values Act?

En español:

Hola, mi nombre es _____ y estoy llamando para pedirle a gobernador Brown que apoye la Acta de Valores de California, SB 54, para que California siga liderando en la protección de la comunidad inmigrante. ¿Puedo contar con el apoyo de el gobernador en la propuesta de la Acta de Valores de California?

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