California Trusts Women- SB 309

SB 309

License plates: Reproductive Freedom Fund – “California Trusts Women”


This license plate will fund family planning services for low-income Californians and support quality reproductive health clinics in our communities.

Women’s health and reproductive rights are under attack like never before. Our state has a proud legacy of protecting and expanding reproductive freedom, and in the face of threats against reproductive health funding we must take a stand for California values.

SB 309 creates a pro-choice license plate that raises money to provide family planning services to low-income Californians. Across the state, medical providers face threats of losing federal funding because they provide abortion services. The absence of federal funding would significantly impact the ability to provide care. The “California Trusts Women” license plate provides much-needed support for clinics that would be the hardest hit if the Trump administration and Congress succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health providers.


Unfortunately, this bill did not pass out of committee.  We will keep you updated on future efforts to revive it.

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