Educational programs: single gender schools and instructional programs AB-23

AB 23 – Signed

Educational programs: single gender schools and instructional programs


The proposed bill, AB 23 would marginalize the learning capacity of genders based on inconclusive data. Many single-sex education programs are based on harmful stereotypes and debunked science about the purported brain differences and learning styles of boys and girls, concepts that have been rejected by leading neuroscientists, psychologists and educators. Studies have shown single-sex education to be ineffective in improving academic performance and possibly harmful to students.

We believe that gender separation in public education is neither necessary or effective, nor wise. This bill is in direct conflict with the state of California’s Constitution, which treats gender classifications as suspect and requires them to be narrowly tailored to advance a compelling governmental interest. AB 23 will also hurt LGBTQ youth, gender non-conforming youth, and youth who do not identify on the gender binary (who identify as neither male nor female, both, or something else). Transgender students who transition will likely be forced to change schools or programs and non-binary students will not have their identities recognized or respected.

Coeducational school environment is an important place for boys and girls to begin to view each other as equal peers in academics, extracurricular activities, social circles, and later, the workplace and family life. We believe that creating public single-sex education will only reinforce harmful stereotypes that set back the goal of true equality of opportunity for our children.

We do not support this bill.

Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear California Assembly Bill 23 (Ridley-Thomas).
Click here to urge your California Senator to protect equal education opportunities by opposing AB 23!
AB-23 has passes the Senate Floor.

Now is the time to send a letter to Governor Brown expressing your continuing concerns regarding the bill and asking that he veto it.  Although I would say that it is unlikely that he will veto the bill, Governor Brown can be unpredictable.  He should be made aware that even as amended, the bill is bad law and bad policy.  


AB-23 has been signed by the Gov.

Unfortunately, Governor Brown has signed the bill. We will have to see what the future brings for our public education. This may just be a case of buyers remorse for the state of California.

Thank you to all who have worked with us in sending letters to stop this bill. Your efforts a truly appreciated!

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