Employers: gender pay differentials – AB 1209


Pay Equity: Gender Pay Gap Transparency Act

This bill would require employers with 250 or more employees to collect specified data on gender pay differentials, to publish the data on their websites, and to submit the data annually in reporting to the Secretary of State. The required data would include the difference between the mean salary and median salary of male exempt employees and female exempt employees, by job classification or title, and the difference between the mean compensation and median compensation of male board members and female board members. This would improve wage transparency by requiring employers to disclose information regarding gender pay differentials within their companies.

Women in California still earn an average of just 86 cents for each dollar earned by men. And for many women of color, the situation is even worse—on average, African-American women earn only 63 cents and Latina women earn just 43 cents to the white male dollar. Robust and reliable data on employee compensation, specifically on gender pay differentials, is essential if we want to seriously address the wage gap and AB 1209 is that bill to create this vital conversation.


UPDATE September 13, 2017
The bill has passed the Senate and has been sent to the Governor for signing. We will be urging members to send in letters of support soon!
UPDATE October 26, 2017


Vetoed by Governor Brown October 15, 2017


Letter of Support to Gov Brown
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