No Homophobic Hotels in Hollywood

Los Angeles City Council is poised to approve a proposed 21-story hotel project by R.D. Olson Development and R.D. Olson Construction. These developers of the Hollywood Ivar Gardens Hotel were linked through R.D. Olson Construction’s president Bill Wilhelm to Legatus, a virulently anti-gay organization that publishes articles supporting “conversion therapy” to “cure” LGBT kids, the re-criminalization of abortion, and repeal of marriage equality nationwide. Wilhelm should publicly and unequivocally denounce this bigoted Legatus organization.

Community leaders have repeatedly communicated our concerns with Councilman Mitch O’Farrell but he has said he is committed to support this company and its project. It took months of community pressure to get these developers to say they respect just one of our community’s core civil rights values.

Join us in holding real estate developers accountable to high standards for building in our neighborhoods. Click to call the councilman right now and tell him to oppose this project. We need to make sure Councilman O’Farrell holds R.D. Olson to their word to commit to a “safe and fair workplace for every person.”

To learn more about Legatus, please visit:

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s assessment of Legatus: “Legatus is an anti-LGBT group for Catholic business leaders that has published articles in support of reparative therapy in its magazine.”

Legatus backed Hobby Lobby in their bid to carve out the so-called “Religious Liberty” to deny women access to contraception and healthcare. This same “Religious Liberty” right to discriminate is now being expanded nationwide to LGBT people by the Trump regime and its allies.

Click to call the councilman right now and tell him to oppose this project.