Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act- AB 569

AB 569 – Vetoed

Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act


The RHNDA, would protect employees who work in California from workplace discrimination based on their personal reproductive health care decisions. For example, it would prohibit an employer from firing an employee for using in vitro fertilization or birth control.

All women should have the ability to make private decisions that affect their reproductive health, economic security, and other aspects of their lives without employers intruding. When employers interfere with health care, patient care is undermined. This bill will ensure that employees and their families can make their own health decisions, including whether, when, and how to start a family and what the size of their family should be, without fear of losing their jobs or facing retribution from their employers because of private, non-work related decisions.

There are countless stories from across the country about women who’ve been threatened or fired from their jobs for their reproductive health choices, including being pregnant and unmarried, using IVF to conceive, and even using birth control. The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act would ensure that no employee in California would face the same turmoil as Teri James in San Diego, Emily Herx in Indiana, Jennifer Maudlin and Christa Dias in Ohio, Shaela Evenson in Montana, Michelle McCusker in New York, and many more women.

This bill is about simple fairness. People should be judged at work based on their performance, not on their personal, private reproductive health care decisions. The RHNDA does not force anyone to change his or her views on reproductive health. It simply asks employers to not discriminate against women who make their own choices. These women are not breaking the law and should not fear losing their jobs because of personal family-planning decisions.

This is both a reproductive rights and economic security matter for women and their families. The reproductive decisions of women should not limit their ability to provide for themselves and their families. We urge all legislators to support AB 569 and show that California stands firmly against discrimination.


Hollywood NOW Support Letter Pdf.
UPDATE September 14, 2017

Assembly Bill 569, passed on Thursday in a 45-13 vote is being sent  to Gov. Jerry Brown and would prohibit employers from punishing workers who use birth control, get an abortion or make other reproductive health decisions they disagree with.

UPDATE October 16, 2017

Gov. Brown vetoed the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (AB 569). We are terribly disappointed and will be figuring out our next steps to keep this fight alive.

Thank you so much to all of you for sending in letters of support, showing up at hearings, mobilizing your supporters, spreading the word on social media and more.


Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown
Bill link: AB-569 Discrimination: Reproductive Health