Gender Discrimination AB 1576


This bill has been altered to be a 2-year bill in order to allow us time to get the rest of the votes we need. It is currently in the Inactive file. 


AB 1576

Gender discrimination: pricing: goods

In December of 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs released a study entitled “From Cradle to Cane: The Cost of being a Female Consumer.” The study looked at 800 products in nearly 35 different categories and found that women’s products cost more 42% of the time and men’s products cost more 18% of the time. On average, women’s goods cost 7% more than men’s goods. These price differences hit women in every sector of the economy from their childhood to their old age. For example, girl’s toys cost more 55% of the time and on average cost 7% more than boy’s toys. Personal care products, including shampoo, lotions, deodorants and body wash; cost 13% more for women than for men. Even senior home and health care products cost more for women than for men.

According to federal Census data, women still earn 21 % less than men working in similar full-time jobs. The injustice of lower wages is further compounded when we examine how everyday consumer products are commonly priced more when marketed to women.

California has been a leader on fighting gender discrimination in our economy. Since 1995, California has specifically prohibited gender price discrimination for consumer services. Two years ago, California passed the strongest law in the country prohibiting gender discrimination in wages. While California has tackled discrimination on these two fronts, no such prohibition for gender price discrimination for consumer goods exists.

AB 1576 seeks to remedy any potential discrimination in the pricing of goods by empowering our Attorney General, city attorneys and district attorneys to seek injunctions against businesses that are pricing products differently because of gender.


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