Katie Hill

Katie Hill has spent her entire life growing up in neighborhoods in the 25th District from Santa Clarita to Antelope Valley. Today, her sister and their parents all live in the District and Katie resides in Agua Dulcé with her husband and animals on a small farm. She knows the people who live here and what they’re hoping for in a way no other candidate does.

Not long after graduating CSUN with a B.A. in English and a Masters in Public Administration, Katie began her career as policy advocate and changemaker at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), a non-profit developing affordable and supportive places for people to live.

As its Executive Director, Katie raised PATH from a local force for good in Los Angeles with a $5M budget to the largest non-profit provider of homes for the homeless in the state of California, operating with yearly operations of over $50M. She helped champion and pass historic ballot initiatives Measure H and Prop HHH to help alleviate homelessness in Los Angeles County.

She’s also all for getting big money out of politics — her campaign is truly grassroots and won’t take a dime from corporations or Super PACs, because it would be a disservice to you if your representative was beholden to something outside of you and your family’s best interest.

Katie’s roots make up who she is. She is the daughter of a local nurse and police officer. Her family is one of extensive military service, who truly exemplify the American dream. Her grandparents grew up in poverty, but found new lives through service. Her grandfather Scott went to Yale on an ROTC scholarship before joining the Navy and later becoming an aerospace engineer on the Apollo space shuttle. Her grandfather Blair served in the US Army and used the G.I. Bill to become a Princeton-educated political science professor at UCLA.

Katie went to public schools all within the lines of the 25th District. She believes that teachers and administrators deserve to have an advocate and voice in Congress, someone who has been in their classrooms and is a product of their hard work.

At 30 years old, Katie is the youngest candidate in this race. She is rooted in her community, and believes that the 25th District can be at the forefront of progress. She openly identifies as bisexual, champions for the most vulnerable of our communities, and is a proven leader who has directly worked with monumental statewide legislation.

No one is more qualified than Katie Hill to represent the Democratic Party and the people of the 25th District in 2018.

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