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Karen Eyres (she/her/hers)

Interm President

Karen Andros Eyres is Vice President of Hollywood NOW and a member of California NOW’s Board. She serves on the West Hollywood Planned Parenthood Action League (PPAL) and the City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board. Karen worked at the brick-and-mortar location of the Westside Democratic HQ for the 2018 Congressional election season and now serves as Secretary of the HQ’s Steering Committee. She is also the Political Action Committee Chair for the Stonewall Democratic Club, a member of Heart of LA Democratic Club, and a member of ROAR Resistance (West Hollywood Chapter of Indivisible).

During the 1980s when the AIDS/HIV epidemic was just starting to devastate communities in the United States — especially the LGBT community — many of Nadia Sutton’s gay and lesbian friends were dying.

Sutton saw the heartache and devastation caused by the disease and wanted to help. Toward the end of the 1980s, Sutton saw her friends with AIDS/HIV lose their homes, jobs, friends and pets. In 1989, Sutton founded PAWS/LA, an organization that takes care of pets of residents of Los Angeles County affected by AIDS/HIV. The organization, which offers services and financial support for people and their pets, makes it its mission to ensure that people suffering from AIDS/HIV do not have to worry about their animal companions, according to Sutton.

Since settling in West Hollywood, Sutton has consistently focused on LGBT issues. She has served on the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Advisory Board for 12 years. She is a founding board member of The Lavender Effect, a nonprofit that educates people on the history of the LGBT movement, especially in Southern California. Sutton also sits on the Stonewall Democratic Club. Nadia was named West Hollywood’s “2015 Woman of the Year by Congressman Adam B. Schiff. She currently serves on the City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board.

For More information about Nadia Sutton:–events/pawsla-founder-named-weho-woman-of-the-year

Zoe has been standing in front of a room and in the public square with one message, WAKE UP.  And with each day, each event, each year, waking up to something new has led to a dynamic life that unfolded sharply, quickly, deeply.  She is not one to “suffer fools,” but that impatience is wielded at herself far more than anyone else.  If she has one gift that outshines all others it is the ability to collect information, consolidate and articulate it in a whole new way.  She is intense, inspiring and a true change maker.  

Activist, author and speaker, Zoe Nicholson holds a B.A. in Theology, Quincy University, 1969 and a M.A. in Ethics, USC, 1975.  She began her professional life teaching high school for five years. In 1976, she opened and operated The Magic Speller Bookstore, a women’s bookstore in Newport Beach, CA.  In 1982, she joined six women in Springfield, Illinois., in a public and political fast for 37 days in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her memoir is The Hungry Heart ~ A Women’s Fast for Justice, from Lune Soleil Press.  Zoe finished a new full life, The Engaged Heart. 

Zoe is the founder of ERA Once and for All, member of the National ERA Roundtable, lifelong member of NOW and president of Pacific Shore NOW, and outspoken voice for LGBTQ rights. 

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