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The Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Hollywood NOW) with the support of an arts grant from the City of West Hollywood Government presents The TransVagina Diaries, a new original work featuring a cast of diverse transgender artists.
The event celebrates the next International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, 2020, with the goal and objective in creating these TransVagina Diaries is for those of us within the trans/gnc/enby/intersex communities to take our bodies back; to exercise our right and privilege to talk about them openly and to share our diverse stories and experiences with you.
The TransVagina Diaries production is led by John Erickson and Karen Andros Eyres with Lindsey Deaton, writer, and artistic director.
Tickets are $15.00*
*20% of tickets are set aside for free admission for members of the transgender community. If you cannot afford a ticket, please email: and we will arrange for you to be able to see the show.
Questions? Please email or call (323) 596-7389