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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery in which people are coerced or sold into labor or as sex workers. It exists in Los Angeles and around the globe, and it’s often happening in our own neighborhoods, right under our noses.
You can help ensure that new legislation is enforced!  In 2012, California passed Senate Bill 1193, which aims to raise awareness about human trafficking by mandating that certain businesses publicly post hotline info about human trafficking and organizations that combat it.
The Human Trafficking Outreach Project mobilizes volunteers to check on these businesses in LA County and verify that they are satisfying the posting requirements.  And for businesses failing to comply, volunteers with the Human Trafficking Outreach Project take the steps necessary to gain compliance.
The National Council of Jewish Women – Los Angeles formed the Human Trafficking Outreach Project specifically to train volunteers for public outreach to ensure that businesses know about the law and post information posters.  NCJW also provides volunteers with resources, such as information posters and outreach tracking forms, all of which can be downloaded from the project website.

You can be a volunteer!

To arrange for a training, click here: action/request a-training
For more information, contact Maya at NCJW-LA:
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by John Erickson


Dear [Insert Name Here],

Something died on November 8, 2016, and I do not think I’ll ever be able to get it back. I sat there, walking back to my house, in disbelief and utter shock and scared about the next 4 years of my life.

For weeks leading up to the election, I had found myself praying in the copy room at my work almost daily. I would sit there, silent and alone, having just read some misleading article or alt-right post from a family member that called Hillary Clinton the devil, and wonder: when did everything go so off the rails?

Although we’ll spend years trying to figure the answer to my above question out, for me, it is a question I have been asking myself ever since election night and specifically knowing how certain members of my family would, and ultimately did, vote.

I’ve always known that I had Republican family members (don’t we all?). However, what made this so troubling is that Donald Trump was not just a normal Republican. This was the election of a man who would not only go after my rights as a citizen but also the rights of my female family members, friends, and a large number of people in my life who have always and were certain to become the main targets for further bigotry, hatred, and violence. I thought, at least for a second, that when my family entered the voting booth, this would be in the back of their minds. They’d sit there, before selecting their nominee, and think about how Donald Trump would ultimately hurt a member of their family, directly and indirectly; boy, was I wrong. (more…)

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by John Erickson


There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to make important decisions. What do I believe in? Who do I want to be? What and who will I stand up for? There has been a lot going on in the world lately and a lot of it, sadly, is pretty awful. While people are learning pretty quickly that elections have very real and long-lasting consequences, what is critical to make clear in the next 4 years of this fascist regime isn’t just that we are taking to the streets to make our voices heard, but that we are willing to disrupt society at every turn to make sure that people on the other side of the proverbial political coin know we will not go gently into that good night.

I’ve been questioning G-d a lot lately; wondering what has happened to that shining “City on a hill” that John Winthrop called for in his 1630 sermon “A Model of Christian Charity.” The idea that the United States of America is “G-d’s country” is based in an American exceptionalism based not only the rich bounty of land and resources many would soon benefit from, but also on the potential for a different kind of society that America represented in a world full of monarchs.

Many Presidents have often recited the very same idea to the American people. From John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, America, although diverse and full of various communities from all walks of life, is presented as a beacon for prosperity, freedom, and dreamers. For myself (and many others I’m sure), that idea was called into question on November 8, 2016. We had come so far in the struggle for and the potential achievement of the “American Experiment” only to fall before we got to the top and, as we have all felt since then, hit every jagged rock on our journey back down to the bottom. However, what we need to remember is that we’re not anywhere close to the bottom yet; all the symbolic bruises and scars we each have will only continue to grow as we keep tumbling down the rabbit hole. (more…)

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