Human Trafficking Outreach Project

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery in which people are coerced or sold into labor or as sex workers. It exists in Los Angeles and around the globe, and it’s often happening in our own neighborhoods, right under our noses.
You can help ensure that new legislation is enforced!  In 2012, California passed Senate Bill 1193, which aims to raise awareness about human trafficking by mandating that certain businesses publicly post hotline info about human trafficking and organizations that combat it.
The Human Trafficking Outreach Project mobilizes volunteers to check on these businesses in LA County and verify that they are satisfying the posting requirements.  And for businesses failing to comply, volunteers with the Human Trafficking Outreach Project take the steps necessary to gain compliance.
The National Council of Jewish Women – Los Angeles formed the Human Trafficking Outreach Project specifically to train volunteers for public outreach to ensure that businesses know about the law and post information posters.  NCJW also provides volunteers with resources, such as information posters and outreach tracking forms, all of which can be downloaded from the project website.

You can be a volunteer!

To arrange for a training, click here: action/request a-training
For more information, contact Maya at NCJW-LA:

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